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ZombieMUD's title sequence captured by [1]

ZombieMUD is a Multi-User Dungeon based in Oulu, Finland. Its central theme revolves around all things medieval fantasy in nature, and it has gathered an eclectic mix of both Player and Non-Player Characters (NPC) since its initial creation in 1994.

At one time, according to, a popular MUD listing directory, ZombieMUD had an average of 200 players online at any given time. It had about 100 players during a sample login in November, 2011 Sunday afternoon Finnish time. ZombieMUD was also chosen as MudMagic's Game of the Month of February 2006.[1] As of August 2006, ZombieMUD was also ranked #5 by popular vote in The MUD Connector.[2]

The Basics[]

ZombieMUD is designed to allow each player the freedom to create a character tailored to their own liking and personality. From a list of over 40 races, 16 guilds and over 40 sub-guilds, a character is made, and the game is begun.

Though made up entirely of text, the character is flung into a world which is experienced much like a Choose Your Own Adventure novel. While the primary method of advancement is the gaining of experience points through the slaying of NPCs, one may still follow whichever path they wish through the story as it is presented. Quests may be done, as well as general exploration of the vast realm in order to gain more experience which is then spent on levels, skills and spells.

Playing the Game[]

ZombieMUD can be played by anyone with a computer that supports telnet and has an internet link. The webpage offers detailed help to new players, including walkthrough pages which explain the first few levels of the game. The game itself can be reached at telnet:// (alternatively telnet:// ).


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