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Removed on January 15, 2009 from the The Mud Connector[1], 'Zebesta' was an advanced custom Merc MUD with online creation, gem-based magical weapons (which later became a feature in the single-player rogue-like graphical RPG Fate) that used weapon slots enhancing the weapon when gems were placed within them. Zebesta also had a smarter money system than Merc, which involved multiple coin types (other than just gold) and actual money objects which could be manipulated and stored in various containers on a character. Zebesta's inventory system was also advanced, and originated features present in NiMUD such as the two-hand realistic inventory and dual wield system, advanced object manipulation and the ability to open and close your packs to toggle their display in the character's inventory. Zebesta also had custom game components such as quests, auctioneers and other features which were wholly unique to this MUD. Written by Kalgen (Alex Mohr) and built by Zlixlt in Kalgen's OLC, the MUD had a cult following as "the best mud around" due to its wonderful interpretations of AD&D-style worlds, specifically throwbacks to Greyhawk Adventures (D&D) and Forgotten Realms. A subtle Japanese influence worked its way into the MUD by way of Peri (Paul Everson), the mud's most loyal player.

Zebesta had a completely new world built from the ground up, where Midgaard, the Diku/Merc starting town, was replaced by Zendalure. Other original areas included Darkwood Forest (contributed by NiMUD co-author Locke), squirrel-killing farm quest and numerous dungeons.