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UNItopia is a computer games, the oldest German MUD. It was founded in 1991 and 1992 made ​​public.

Game Concept

In UNItopia is a virtual world with RPG character. As in other RPGs, there is no fixed target game. A created character enters and explore this virtual world.[1] The character gains by exploring the world, as well as solving puzzles made ​​or playing games, to experience. With the fulfillment of certain requirements, the player of privileges.

UNItopia consists of two interconnected worlds. One part consists Magyra like all MUDs in a fantasy world. The other part of campus is a replica of the campus of the City of Stuttgart.


By descent from the genre of text adventures, the purely text-based input and output results in UNItopia. The former corresponds to the technical possibilities. Access to UNItopia is possible via telnet to port 23 or the 3333rd Alternatively, today there is also a web interface.[2] is as UNItopia dawn one LPMud and is programmed in the language LPC.[3] It will be programmed by the users themselves, making it an early example of social software.


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