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Surfers was created using ew-too code in 1993, first booting up on 2 December 1993,[1] and was the first internet talker to have 1,000 users logged on at the same time. Founded by Ian "Roosta" Dobbie,[1] it is currently run by Mike and Furry.

The talker is run on on port 4242, in reference to The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Its former address, 4242, is used as the example for how to telnet to a talker in the Usenet alt.talkers FAQ, where it is also one of the three "recommended talkers".[2]

It is regarded as important to the history of ew-too, and hence to the history of talkers, both as an early popular talker and because the ew-too code that was publicly released was Surfers' version.[1] It is the primary focus of LiveJournal's spod community.

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