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Studnia Dusz (The Well of Souls) is a Polish MUD, role-playing computer game, which is played over the Internet using a text interface. It was established in 1993.

Founded by Dry (Martin Suchożebrskiego) and Gorbasha (Michael Schreiber) based on MERC DIKU code, as the successor of the environment Ruby Poznan, henceforth permanently associated with Warsaw.

Mud has a very colorful history, it passed through many immortals. Those who have left the biggest mark, and in addition Dry Gorbasha - Tycoon, Lech and Kissiel. In periods of greatest splendor while playing in the Well of Souls to 80 players. Since the second half of the last decade of the twentieth century, with the increase in the availability of home PC, the development of computer graphics and games, attendance at the Well of Souls gradually decreased. In 2009, the number of simultaneous players rarely exceeded the 10th

Well of Souls world is now more than 150 lands, nearly 150 major tasks to be performed (quests), as well as many smaller (mini-quests). Events for which the player encounters while performing the tasks are varied depending on the level at which there are items placed in the game world, and depending on the type of characters that the player should encounter while performing the task.

In the Well of Souls can be used both Polish command, as well as English, and a description of the game and the communication with the player is in Polish. A characteristic feature of the game is the ability to use the chat function at the global level (messages to all existing currently in the game), even during sleep.

In the game, so the system has been implemented. mutation as a player, which is to modify the characteristics of the selected character according to the selected breed. The game is also available as additional professions, such as the wolf, the witcher or guardian.

A characteristic feature of the Well of Souls is the cyclical nature of the players meeting. At the meeting place for several years selected are large academic centers in Poland. Holiday destination is outside the city and the village Okonin the lake of the same name near the Golub-Dobrzyn in Kujawsko-Pomeranian.

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