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Star Wars mud is a heavily modified LPMud based on the Star Wars Universe. SWmud is not a role-playing MUD, though role-playing is not forbidden as long as it is within the rules. It does not have a particular theme or time period on which it is based, though most of the MUD is roughly set during the original trilogy of movies and a few years of the Expanded Universe thereafter. It has around 40 planets and space stations coded, averaging between 150-200 rooms each, with some areas nearing 1,000 rooms.

Characters are based on five attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Technical, Mechanical, and Force. Also during creation you will choose 1 of 31 races and 1 of 3 teams: Imperial, Rebel, or Neutral. It also has 10 guilds, from which you choose three, with two being able to reach the highest level. After you create, you have the option of running through the Newbie School (recommended for brand new players to SWmud). It also has a Newbie Line for new players to ask questions, to be answered by the wizards and more experienced Newbie Helpers. It also has an extensive set of panic (help) files which players can use to look up most of the gameplay information themselves - all of these help files are also available on the website.


  • Anzati
  • Aqualish
  • Barabel
  • Bimm
  • Bothan
  • Chiss
  • Clawdite
  • Defel
  • Dug
  • Echani
  • Ewok
  • Falleen
  • Gamorrean
  • Gand
  • Gotal
  • Gungan
  • Human
  • Ithorian
  • Jawa
  • Mon Calamari
  • Noghri
  • Rodian
  • Sluissi
  • Sullustan
  • Togorian
  • Togruta
  • Trandoshan
  • Twi'lek
  • Verpine
  • Wookiee
  • Zabrak


  • Assassin - Mandatory pk with skills like backstabbing, poisoning, feigning your health, pin point melee fighting, adrenaline rushes, etc.
  • Bounty Hunter - Mandatory pk with skills like jetpack flying, disabling, setting up decoys, chasing bounties, setting and finding traps, etc.
  • Diplomat - These politicians use skills like fast talking, getting discounts, hiring bodyguards, working on the player council, etc.
  • Mercenary - The only guild that can use all ranged weapons and critically hit with them. They can also ditch opponents, dodge attacks, use explosives, etc.
  • Merchant - These salesmen wholesale, alter and reinforce equipment, sell condos, haggle and swindle, run stocks, etc.
  • Pilot - The only guild which can fly all types of ships, they also use cloaking devices, tractor beams, turrets, and all manner of animals and vehicles.
  • Scientist - Scientists can heal themselves and repair just about anything. They also construct unique items, use their knowledge of anatomy for an edge, use poisons and other drugs, etc.
  • Slicer - These hackers are good at creating, adjusting, and enhancing droids, hacking communication lines, tampering with machines, nanotechnology, etc.
  • Smuggler - These shady characters have a mix of skills such as hiding, freighter piloting, flying speeders, haggling, smuggling, lockpicking, stealing, etc.
  • Jedi - Either Jedi [light-side] or Sith [dark-side]. Each alignment has some unique light or dark skills and some that are shared among all Jedi.

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