Star Wars Reality


Sean Cooper

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1.8 / 1997-Jul-21

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Star Wars Reality (aka SWR) is a derived codebase created from SMAUG, designed for recreating the Star Wars universe (a Trademark of Lucasfilm, Ltd and the Walt Disney Corporation). The game was created in early 1997 using an early version of SMAUG. Development on SWR 1.0 ran for the years of 1997 through 1998, which soon ended in favor of a new codebase SWR2 (which removed the Star Wars elements in favor of creating a generic space MUD). From SWR there are several major MUD sources (RIP and FOTE for example) and several codebase derivations, including SWRFuss (which recreates SWR 1.0 in C++; although with some major differences).

Differences from SMAUG[edit | edit source]

SWR was derived from an early version of the SMAUG codebase, and as such lacks some of its fixes and features. Some noticeable differences are:

  • Timers are broken in SWR 1.0 and need to be patched.
  • The Online Coder (OLC) uses an incomplete SMAUG OLC, and thus is not fully functional.
    • The OLC lacks proper word wrapping.
  • SWR lacks the extended bitvector system that SMAUG employs, and as such, uses a workaround of using two ACT and AFFECT flags to compensate.

Features of SWR[edit | edit source]

  • SWR replaces the experience/level system from SMAUG (which was single-class) with a multiclass system.
  • Travel via methods other than walking (interstellar flight and public transportation).
  • An alignment-based magic system.
  • Permanent death.
  • Always-on PvP (after level 6 has been reached).
    • A cloning system to cheat permanent death (your clone actually backs up your current save file without the armor, so you had to clone often if you were doing major leveling).
  • A faction-based PVP and roleplaying system.
  • A HAIL command to call a taxi to take you to the nearest hotel.
  • Hotel based logging out.
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