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Our policy is, if it isn't illegal to post on Wikia, you can! That means no personal attacks. We also are forgiving administrators and never ban indefinitely. The longest ban is 1 year if the user being banned is not a confirmed "sock puppet", which is the one exception to this rule. All MUD-related content is ok here and for historical purposes we'd like everything we can find to be here that's ok to be here. It's also ok to post things about other text adventure games, like rogues, etc.

Editing Rules[]

  • Follow the rules of Wikia.
  • Don't massively rewrite an article if it's been there for a while.  
  • Don't flame incessantly.
  • Use real evidence, not hearsay from forums.
  • Be nice.
  • Don't undo and undo and undo, that's just stupid.
  • Don't lie, back it up with evidence. Did I say that already? Well, I said it again.
  • Be thorough! Include whatever images, text and other links you can.
  • Try to maintain pages you care about!
  • This site is not a place to perpetuate egotism or flamewars.  Take it somewhere else.
  • Leave people's personal information where it belongs: in private.  Because players of  MUs are often anonymous or write under pseudonyms, unless they themselves come out, it's best not to post their personal information and we'll remove it if they complain about it.  This isn't about some meta-war, it's about games and having fun.