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Petria Mud began to be developed between 1985 and 1988 by Javier Torres Fischer (Valencia, Spain) from a basic version of another Englishman named Mud in Merc.

It is considered the first game made entirely in Castilian, public access to the Internet. And of course, the first of its kind in this language.

The game was developed in C to run on Unix servers and there are some older versions for MS-DOS.

Javier months into development, four players joined him, Friar, Fryar and brothers and Gummy Cactus, which formed, together with Petron (Javier player name), the first team Implementers Petria, mainly assuming tasks related to the creation of areas and scenarios. Javier left in 1998 the development of the game, leaving it in the hands of the IMPs for several years, after which, due to the gradual abandonment of the original IMPs, other players were taking over the game and its development, with the primary Hammers Petria architect that follow today up and running.

The real value, historic, Petria is Mud was, as we said before, the first game made entirely in Castilian, public access to the Internet, the precursor to many other games for the Internet network and Spanish-speaking an important link between these countries.

According server data, in 1998 there were about 180,000 times a month in various countries. These figures were really important at the time because of the lower growth of the Internet back then.

The game continues to run on different servers in the network.

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