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Meadows MUCK is a North American wildlife roleplaying haven set in the western country during the late 1800s-early 1900s, featuring wolves, cougars, horses, dogs, foxes, and various other talking animal species. While there is a small degree of human presence, the focus of roleplay is on the interactions between the animals.


  • Curiosity - Head Wiz
  • Greer - General Help, Rp/Plots
  • Pavane - General Help, Animal Info, Rp/Plots
  • Therdde - Programmer


  • Amaranth - Cougar Tribe

           ​Leaders: Arroyo, Wiraqu

  • Ute - Wolf Pack

​           Leaders: Ikuna

  • Lakota - Animal Alliance


  • Cerulean - Wolf Pack

           Leaders: Coinin

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  • Forums
  • amber.org.uk 7000 (telnet address)
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