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All about online text-based adventure games, known as MUSHes, MUCKs, MOOs, MUDs, DUMs, MUSEs, MUTEs, MAUDs, VEEs, Ubers, Dikus, Mercs, ROMs, RPIs, MAREs, MESHes, MUGs,  FIREs, TNVEs, VUMs, DGDs, EW-TOOs, RPMUDs, Mordors, BBS Doors, Tinies, Circles, MURPEs, MMORPGs, MMOs, MMOGs, MUs, MOOs, MUX, LPs, Talkers and more.

A MUD (Multiple User Dimension, Multiple User Dungeon, or Multiple User Dialogue) is a computer program which users can log into and explore. Each user takes control of a computerized persona/avatar/incarnation/character. You can walk around, chat with other characters, explore dangerous monster-infested areas, solve puzzles, and even create your very own rooms, automatons and items.

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Matt Chat 296 Richard Bartle on MUDs and British Snobbery

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Matt Chat 222: Seth Robinson on LORD and planets (video above)

Achaea on The Screen Savers

Achaea as mentioned on The Screen Savers, around the year 2002 or something.


Let's Show! MUD Part 1 Introduction to Awesome

FrogurtX @ YouTube writes: No one will watch this, but I don't give a damn, text-based games are awesome!


Let's Show! MUD Part 2 Trixsey Mud School

FrogurtX @ YouTube writes: Continuing through Mud School. I can taste the diploma.


Let's Show! MUD Part 3 Grand Finale

Do I graduate? Is Benny a jerkface? All these questions and more answered in this episode.


Confessions of a MUD Creator - Renegade Outpost DIKU MUD

darkhosis @ YouTube writes: One of the first places I started my gaming career was back in 1991 at the University of Texas at Austin. My best friend from, 7th grade, and I created a game in college that still exists today.


Tutorial - Creating an RPG Text Game Character on Iron Realms Games

IronRealmsTube @ YouTube writes: This tutorial is a quick and easy introduction to jumping right into the creation and playing of an RPG Text Game character on the Iron Realms gaming website - The games one can choose from at this time are Achaea, Lusternia, Imperian, Midkemia, Aetolia and soon Tears of Polaris


My Basic Text Based Role-Playing Game - C Basics

BXOMoosey @ YouTube: A young C++ programmer makes his text-based adventure game.


Warrior Quest - A retro Text-RPG game Sneak peek

NukeDuck @ YouTube writes: Warrior Quest is a new little side-project I have started, which is intended to imitate retro RPG games which instead of having graphics had only text. It is only in early Alpha, but this video will give you an idea of how it works, and hopefully make you interested to play :P


MUD Fight in the Castle

Russian "mudder" ershako @ YouTube writes: Прохождение одной из игровых зон клановой группой


Playing a MUD game with MUSHclient

Jainh872 @ YouTube writes: Example of playing a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) game using MUSHclient - a popular FreeWare MUD game client. More details about MUSHclient are at: The MUD game server shown is Aardwolf. Details about Aardwolf are at: This shows how a text MUD can have a graphical look-and-feel, with lots of sub-windows showing your location, status, quests, and other useful information. Many of the plugins mentioned on this video are listed here:


My MUD Game Walkthrough

SmevTheOven @ YouTube writes: text based fun on a windows!


Secrets of Windows, Free hidden game!!!!

Rock12345c @ YouTube writes: How to log into a free game using telnet hidden in early windows versions all the way up to xp.


Lensmoor Mud

WhiteSword @ YouTube writes: Lensmoor is a MUD, or Multi-User Dungeon. The term is a bit antiquainted, but it's what we're used to. Another description would be a text-based online roleplaying game. Mud Basics telnet://

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