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Features[edit | edit source]

MUSHclient is highly flexible, and provides aliases, hotkeys, triggers (text-matching), command-execution timing, variables, multi-session support, ANSI-colour customisation and speed-walking.[1] In July 2008, support for "miniwindows" was added, which allows MUD programmers to customize graphical elements to the screen, such as a map.[2]

MUSHclient is compatible with screen readers such as JAWS, which read text out loud and allow blind users to play MUDs.[3][4][5]

MUSHclient offers extensive scripting support via the Windows Script Host-supported languages, such as VBScript and JavaScript, as well as the platform-independent Lua-scripting. It also supports MCCP and MXP. [6][7][8]

Portability[edit | edit source]

Although primarily written for Microsoft Windows, MUSHclient has been successfully run both under the Linux Operating System, by using the Wine,[9] and the Mac OS X via Boot Camp and Parallels Desktop for Mac.[10]

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