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This notice should be located in a directory titled something like "mushman-2.008", which contains the files "man2x0" through "man2x5". (The files might have been renamed, but the content should be as described below.)

These files constitute a document entitled, "Amberyl's MUSH Manual", sometimes referred to as, "The TinyMUSH Manual", or, simply, "The MUSH Manual".

This material is COPYRIGHTED by the author, Lydia Leong (, sometimes known on the Net as "Amberyl". All rights and privileges of reproduction are hers, in accordance with United States or International Copyright Laws. As of the date of this manual's release (May 22nd, 1995), there is a United States copyright application being filed for this document, though even prior to this official record of copyright, this document is still subject to the conditions outlined below, and protected by US and international copyright law.

Users are granted to print and reproduce this manual in its UNMODIFIED entirety, as long as the copyright notices are retained and due credit is given. This manual may be quoted in a publication -- electronic or otherwise -- within the normal academic protocol of appropriate lengths of quotations and due credit.

This manual may NOT be used within another major document (such as another manual), nor published in print form (whether or not the publisher makes a profit from such publication), nor may it be hypertextified or otherwise changed in format, without the explicit permission of the author.

This notice must be retained together with any electronically-retrievable version of this manual.

I apologize for needing to spell these terms out in such an explicit manner, but there are certain creatures on the Net who have happily taken advantage of my generosity in making this manual freely available, and decided to make a buck off it themselves. To protect myself from further incidences of such theft (and to avoid further lining the pockets of my lawyer), to keep track of the uses of this manual, and to ensure that no unknown "splinter" versions of this manual arise, I'm explicitly stating the terms under which this manual is distributed -- you can use it for your own education and enjoyment, or print it out to line your bird cage, but please, if you're going to change it or reprint it, please contact me first.

This manual is now shareware. If you found it useful, please consider sending $10 to the address obtainable by fingering '' At the very least, it'll help pay back legal expenses incurred from protecting the copyright on this manual (and thus your privilege of getting it free from the Net).

(No, I'm not giving out details on the legal tangle, until it's settled. I'll post an explanation when it's all over.)

Thanks. I hope you find this manual useful. Comments and corrections are always appreciated.

-- Lydia Leong ( May 22nd, 1995