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Lumen et Umbra title screen

Lumen et Umbra (or LeU) is an Italian MUD, hosted in Italy. It represents a multiverse (crossroads of worlds) centered and set in a late Roman Empire-like "core", where many fantasy overlay one another. Featuring various races, classes, a guild system, Lumen et Umbra has 50 levels for mortal players, who can engage in casual game, in quests (both coded and hosted by immortals) and, on some occasions, tournaments.

Lumen et Umbra at the moment consists of over 9500 rooms and growing.

Code improvements are being made to make it more newbie-friendly, in order to let new entries grasp faster the knacks of the game and, for all users, to add depth and variety of play.

Lumen et Umbra may be reached at the address, on port 6000 (

Lumen et Umbra website (in Italian) may be reached here.

Lumen et Umbra wiki page (a.k.a. LeUpedia, also in Italian) may be reached here.

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