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Lost In Time (LIT) is a game based on the principle of MUD. The player can create multiple game characters whose lives in Fantasy regrets it controls the world.

A suitable combination of races and guilds can create characters behaving differently. Eg. Elf as Mage will figure largely fought by magic, the magician-caster, while Barbarian as Mage will rather fight with weapons and spells will only help out, called . battle-mage.

A player gains experience for advancement to the next level by killing monsters and NPC characters or logical solution tasks ( Quest). After the maximum 50th level, the character becomes the avatar.

Lit has a long history created in 1993, and is thus the oldest MUD in Czech Republic . It is growing in popularity and although it is written in the English, is popular among players Czechs and Slovaks.

To connect to the application can be used telnet to address 7680th Outside telnet can also use a number of desktop clients (eg, Zmuda)

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