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Legends of Terris, a massively multiplayer online game of fantasy role-play, adventure and text based discovery. Irreverent, Lo-fi and packed with great roleplaying, Terris is one of the best Text games on the net. Created in 1993 as "Terris" by Paul Barnett and Doug Goldner. By 1995, it had made its way onto AOL UK. Many of us started playing around 1995-1997 and still play today, over 10 years later. Around about 2000, the game moved from AOL and is played via a unique front end 'wizard'.

Terris is a wondrous land built away from the trials and strain of the normal world. It is a land populated by strange and dangerous beasts, where legends can be made and fortunes won. You have the chance to experience a full grown world as it evolves around you. It is a land full of magic and mystery where the strongest and bravest souls can truly reach the heavens.

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