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Lac is a Polish open source MUD set in a fantasy world, published under the BSD and Diku licenses.


Lac was officially released in March 13 1997 on the basis of codebase Envy2.2. The main goal when creating the game was the complete localization of the program, i.e. the replacement of English commands and messages into Polish, correct grammar and conjugation, and support for Polish diacritics. Lac at the time of its official release, and for some time, was the only Polish with Polish  grammar. It remains to this day the only Diku only in Polish.

In March 13, 2012, for its 15th anniversary, Lac became closed source code, with the exception of some of the lands of the original.


The world of Lac is divided into three regions, also called zones. These are respectively: Leander, Valisandria nd Drimith. The composition of each zone is made up of several regions. Some of the lands are modeled on fantasy literature, such as " Discworld" or " Dragon Lance".

Depending on the race, the player's character can be born in the capital of one of the zones. Humans are the most neutral (and common) race, born in each of the major cities.


The player can play as one of nine races (human, elf, half-elf and dark elf, sektoida, dwarf and, półkrasnoluda, hobbit or gnomes) and select one of the ten professions (magician, spy and Psionics and paladin and cleric and thief and Warrior and Monk, assassin or Necromancer).

In addition to the characters controlled by the player, the world inhabit the NPCs popularly known as mobs. These are the representatives of both races minded, animals, creatures, magic and monsters. A total world population of about 6000 representatives of more than 100 different breeds. Characters controlled by the computer may come with the player in a variety of interactions, such as: fight, task, trade, services, reactions to the behavior of the player, another form, or any other event.

The Game[]

Lac is a hack'n'slash game, where the experience needed to develop is mostly gained through fight. It is also possible to perform the tasks that are not required for advancement to the next level of experience, but their performance can be obtained so. points of tasks, including the necessary to adapt certain valuable items at the blacksmith.

In Lac you can meet other players of both enemies and friends. The most basic form of cooperation between the players is to create a group fighting shoulder to shoulder. Players also associate clans which there are several, and they have their hand on the Internet - links to them are published on the official website of muda.

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