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The Hemlock Space (HSpace) software package is a "plug-in" for MUSHes that provides 3D space simulation support. It has been in development and use since 1995 on the popular Hemlock game series and many others, including Conflicts of Earth, Wing Commander: Red Horizon, and Otherspace. While text-based in nature, HSpace pushes the limits of the text environment by providing full color, ASCII graphics to give players a more realistic sense of the space environment. HSpace provides almost all that you could need for a science fiction game, including:

  • 3D ship navigation
  • Ship to ship combat
  • Game-wide communications
  • Multiple universe support
  • Generic object support
  • Multiple ship console support
  • Territorial ownership
  • Multiple combat weapons support
  • Afterburners and hyperdrives

Previous incarnations of the HSpace software were written in C, and this project most likely grew out of Dspace, the dynamic space system used in DuneMUSH in the early 1990s.

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