GarouMUSH ( 7000) is one of the longest running games in history, an old World of Darkness MUSH focused on Werewolf: The Apocalypse, with a strict approach to quality and applications that appeals to a particular set of more mature players.

GarouMUSH was opened for development in January 1993 by a group of predominantly PernMUSH players, giving it a lineage that, unlike most World of Darkness games, did not spring from the original Masquerade MUSH which opened later in 1993. Garou was invite-only for roleplaying in spring and summer of that year, and officially opened on Halloween 1993. It has been running without significant interruption ever since, with no discontinuity in administration or history. The game is active and healthy as of this writing (January 2009).

GarouMUSH is noteworthy for being a pioneer in requiring character applications that are detailed and well written. At the time, a few games required minimal registration of a paragraph or two, but the modern style of detailed applications popular on most RP-heavy games comes from GarouMUSH. Garou also demands proper spelling and grammar in game, which was unusual for the era. These things contributed to a reputation for elitism from the general community, but created a loyal fanbase that was attracted to a more writing-intensive playstyle.

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