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[[Category:Foreign language]]
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[[Category:Active Games|ForgottenMUD]]
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MUSHclient graphical interface.

ForgottenMUD is a bilingual French/English MUD based on the Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 rules. It's currently in alpha testing and has a very low uptime.


Because it uses an original codebase designed specifically to implement the D&D rules, it's much closer to the rules than Diku derivatives. It was inspired from Baldur's Gate, particularly its dialogue system.


ForgottenMUD has a custom MUSHclient interface that displays static pictures of the rooms. It is cosmetically similar to Nightmist. It doesn't have support for other clients.


The game is based on a planar hub with a portal opening to several worlds. On top of its unique areas, the Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance areas from d20MUD have been converted. It also has a nearly infinite procedurally generated wilderness grid.

DM Emulator

ForgottenMUD's unique feature is the Dungeon Master Emulator. Although a Flash version already exists, ForgottenMUD's is the only multiplayer implementation.