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Everwar is an EmlenMUD with a theme of player killing. 23 races are offered, 11 for each side, with humans eligible for either the "armies of light or the forces of darkness". There is a remort system allowing a player to repeatedly restart the same character at level 1 with enhanced abilities, up to 16 remorts being permitted. The remort system is central to the game with remorts expected in order to produce a viable character. The MUD evolved from an earlier EmlenMUD, Rites of Passage. Everwar as of 2009 is in ptest mode while improvements are made to the game.

The MUD is supportive of new players and offers rapid advancement to them so long as they remain below the average presented by the opposing army. The first kill of a newbie, of a practice dummy, may produce an advance sufficient to elevate the character to level 43, out of 80...

Characters, in most instances, may learn both skills and spells and join up to 3 guilds. There is a thief guild which functions as fighting guild; there are no player castles to raid. Other guilds include a cleric guild, warrior guilds, a sorceror guild and hybrid guilds; each side has corresponding guilds just as it has races; for example the cleric guild offers either "holy ward" or "unholy ward" depending on alignment, and two small spell casting races, one on the dark, and one on the light side.

When a player quits and reenters they remain in the room they were in and with the same equipment they had. A player can quit immediately after combat with a monster, but there is a substantial delay if they are engaged in Player versus player combat. A player can flee from combat, but not simply move away. Inventory is retained when fleeing. If a player dies, equipment, and money remains with the corpse, which, if you can get to it, can be recovered. Monsters are quite aggressive about following, including opening doors. Leaving the area the monster is in is sometimes the only way to escape.