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Equilibrium MUD is a MUD, which stands for Multi User Dungeon, a multi-user online role-playing game is completely text based, was born in 2003 after the end of Atlantis. Mud Equilibrium is a game completely free and non-profit dedicated to all those players who love style games Dungeons and Dragons and did not hesitate to spend a few hours in the company of other fans of the genre. The game has as its goal the prince to allow everyone to use them without any restrictions due to barriers, because the system allows the user to have wide accessibility to the game, thanks to a system of controls dedicated to people who are blind, visually impaired or disabled. In support of this is developing the new site and the new forum fully accessible in accordance with the provisions of the Act Tired of 2004. In this way all players are able to interact with each other and with the environment in the same way, all immersed in a medieval-fantasy setting style.

The game is dedicated to all those people who prefer to immerse themselves in reading a good book rather than a movie. Always been the dream of every player is to play the protagonist of the adventures that page after page accompany it, everyone at least once in their lives they wanted to write, to hear, to live them! Wielding a sword, assist a fellow mercenary in the middle of a fight, solve puzzles, have fun with magic. In conclusion, in order to become a great warrior .... a powerful sorcerer .... a legend .... or a King!

All this is possible and concentrated in a game where the words and the colors lead the way, where the text of the dialogues and also of future scenarios you can write it, day by day, interacting with everyone present.

Equilibrium is a MUD completely in Italian and provides, among other things:

  • System accounts with hotkeys characters and name generator
  • Fixed alignment chosen at character creation
  • Background split among several eras and constantly updated by divine quest
  • 3 capital (depending on alignment)
  • Wide dynamic wilderness 500x500
  • Fixed Areas and quests (over 120 areas present)
  • Dynamic quest system derived from TNN Engine
  • Spells supreme
  • Player Kill free but strictly controlled
  • Case personally purchased.
  • Ability to create your own guild or clan or their (future) their realm

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