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Coast of Seven Incarnations text multiplayer computer game related to the genre of MUD. This is a non-profit game project, which appeared in 2001, becoming the result of the separation of "Peace Merlin" on two lines. As "The World of Merlin", the server uses the engine ROM, which, over time, has been modified and improved.


The action takes place in a world created based on the books of Tolkien. So, the game has the Shire, Bilbo, Gandalf. However, along with original ideas and characters that is embedded in ROM, added a lot of content from the works of other authors. In the world you can find Hokmuna, Quasimodo, Cthulhu. There are game locations whose ideas borrowing from Robert Jordan (Desolation), Ed Greenwood (Underdark), Terry Goodkind (Westland).

Coast of Seven Incarnations - a fantasy world, a peace with the inherent battles, magic and fictional creatures, such as fairies, elves, goblins, orcs, mermaids and many others.

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