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Clessidra (Hourglass) is a MUD, which stands for Multi User Dungeon, which is a multi-user text-based role-playing game, the first to appear on the Internet in 1996, completely in Italian. [1] This choice was dictated by the need to approach the RPG and MUD, potential users who did not know the Italians' English and seek a greater empathy. In fact, the first MUD in Italian ever was Necronomicon, but ran on the Videotel.

The game includes an area for beginners, where you can learn from just the basics to playing MUDs, acquiring the ability to move, fight and speak and also a tutor in the interactive game that helps to know the city and the other basics. Originals are also all areas of the game, arranged so that the further away from civilization and are more difficult to reach greater is their difficulty so as to favor a gradual continuation of learning.

Even the Wilderness, the wilderness area where brave hostile creatures, is completely original, there is also an arena for fighting and challenges to the death, a system of random assignment of missions, a complex system of Clan allows the unfolding of wars and conquests, with seats to beautify, expand and grow in competition with other clans. Innovative and pioneering also the introduction of a system for circulating the objects, which deteriorate over time, was designed to ensure that everyone can have the opportunity to acquire powerful items. Last in order of time, after the expansion of the system of clan with new implementations, the creation of the market, a new chance for all players.


Hourglass was created in May of 1996 with the idea of ​​four guys Romans (Andrea "Aerk" Ferrigno, Alex "Joker" Albertoni, Claudio "Kernall" Masci and Fabrizio "Slartibartfast" Cipriani), pioneers of Italian. They began with a basic code SillyMUD called free which was converted and fully formed (Cipriani, the programmer of the group, to indicate the Italian gave him the name PizzaMUD). Removed bug, translated commands, drawn up areas, the MUD was presented for the first time at 'Expocartoon, the comic fair in Rome, in November 1996 where over 200 visitors tried giving him hints and tips for translations, the 'aid and implementations cite needed. Hourglass is still active and online.


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