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Barcellona By Night
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Genre(s) MUD
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accessible via the Internet from any computer, optimized for Mozilla Firefox

Barcellona By Night is a MUD, which stands for Multi User Dungeon, based solely on the Play By Chat (PBC) or a multi-user text-based role-playing game, created on network in 2010, completely in Italian.

From the site you can access two sections of the game, chat and forum, the first is an environment only game where players can freely interpret the characters they create, and the second is an area of the game, both discussion and comparisons between players and between players and Admin.

The system the game is to Vampire: the Masquerade, each character at the time of choosing the vampire clan to which he belongs, and began its history in the city of Barcelona.

Setting[edit | edit source]

The land was set in a grim city of Barcelona, ​​in much worse conditions than what we would see us today if we went and differs slightly from the official storyline Vampire the Masquerade, because Barcelona is now no longer in the hands of the Sabbat, but to a group of anarchists that seek to consolidate their power over the city, including subtle power games and fierce battles with the Camarilla and the Sabbat.

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