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Arkadia - Polish MUD rooted in fantasy. The game world consists of two domains: the Empire (taken from fiction Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay) and Ishtar (according to the book series 'The Witcher' of Andrzej Sapkowski ).

Arkadia is based on the gamedriver with CDpl-5.0.4, mudlib CDpl-4.1.1. Both gamedriver and mudlib come in a straight line from the Muda Genesis, but was very modified compared to the original version (major technical, adapted to handle Polish language and the like).

Playing on the Arkadia, we have to choose from 6 races: humans, elves, dwarf s, limitation s, Halflings, gnome s, and also after accession to the respective guilds or clubs next 3 races: half-elf s (resulting from human or elf), halflings (resulting from Halflings) and mutants (rose of any race as a result of mutations caused by use of twisted arms or joining a guild Mutant Chaos).

Although Arkadia for many years open to players, still following changes to it. These include the addition of new areas (new cities and routes in both domains) and system modifications game (gameplay, the experience system, etc.)

To start the game at Arkadia, you must first get to that network (address on port '23 '). This can be done using any MUD client, or present in most operating systems program telnet. From 8 August 2008, the opportunity to play through a web browser

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