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AFKMud is a server code written in C++ derived from Smaug with many new features that improve the quality of the game and make it easier for the administration of the MUD.

The code has been created by the staff of Alsherok and owes its name to the beat of someone who, not seeing online MUD administrators committed to the implementation of the code from the second half of 2001 and in their real life, wryly suggested that the new code could have been called AFKMud (where AFK stands for "Away From Keyboard", in Italian "Away From Keyboard"). Soon after, in January 2002, was released the code to the public under the name AFKMud own.

The developers of the code, however, are anything but static and absent: AFKMud is in constant development and new versions are released regularly, with a decent support from a real developer community that has formed around it.


AFKMud is a derivative of Smaug 1.4a server code, which is in turn derived from Merc 2.1, which is in turn derived from DikuMUD, which make it server code to the fourth generation.

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