"At one unknown point in the past, a universal anomaly formed of primordial energy pierced the dimension of 3Kingdoms. The resulting cataclysmic eruption of force caused a ripple effect, effectively copying the base universe of 3Kingdoms itself."

3-Scapes runs at 3scapes.org 3200 and is based on 3Kingdoms.

3Scapes is an alternative dimension to 3Kingdoms, similar in many respects, particularly size and features, but completely stemmed and unique in so many ways. Communication across the dimensions is easily handled, as is the ability to retain your character identity (i.e. name) across all existence, but beyond that, everything else is unique. Now you may be wondering what it's like. Again, think alternate dimensions.

At least during these initial phases, it is very similar to 3K. Most of the rules and certainly most of the areas and guilds will be identical from a code standpoint. The biggest initial change will be the fact that every player will start out at level 1. Also, the administration will be different from that of 3K. Not so much from a rules standpoint, but rather different people, with alternative ideas and methods. As time marches on, the differences will grow, evolving 3Scapes further into its own identity. New areas will open, guilds will evolve and an entirely different culture will establish itself. In the future, there will be more supporting resources that will be 3Scapes specific, but for now, utilizing 3Kingdoms resources (such as most of this website, maps, realms, areas, etc.) will be completely viable for you to be able to fully enjoy 3Scapes. 3Scapes is now fully operational and ready for you to make your mark.

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